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If you live in Greeley, Windsor, or anywhere in Weld County, Colorado you know how severe the Saturday August 3rd hail storm was. This hail storm broke windows and windshields, put holes in siding, dented cars, and damaged crops. As Colorado roofers we can help you even before you get an estimate from your insurance company. The insurance companies will eventually be able to look at everyone’s property. Northern Colorado Roofers like us have the expertise to identify the hail damage also. Call Top That Roofing for a FREE roof inspection NOW. This is a FREE no obligation roof inspection. And if you want we will give you a quote for any type of shingles.

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FREE Roof Inspection and FREE Quote

Call now for a FREE roof inspection and a FREE quote. We will evaluate your roof to estimate how many years it has left. We also look for hail and wind damage and give you estimates for different grades and designs of shingles. Do not worry, there is no pressure to buy. Take your time to choose the best roofer with the best products and warranties.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Top That Roofing wants you to be happy, very happy, with your new roof. We also want to protect you from manufacturing defects. Our Service Guarantee remedies any problems with installation or the clean up. Our Warranty covers the materials themselves. Don’t choose roofers from other states. Choose a Colorado Roofer.

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Hail Damage Tips

Every roofing company will say they are experts at repairing hail damage. But what if you just experienced it and windows are broken besides hail damage. Who should you call first? How fast can your roof be repaired? Your windows? What should you watch out for? Some roofers go door to door and try to use hard sell techniques. Read our tips on how to choose a roofer.