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Your Home is Important

For most of us, our home is the most important investment we make in a lifetime. We gather with our loved ones, have events with friends and family and raise our children, and all the while, we find ourselves comfortable and more at ease when we are at home. It is only logical that our Coloorado roofing experts would care for it with more attention than any other asset we own.

As important as your roof is for obvious reasons, it is often overlooked until it is becomes apparent that professional attention must be given to it. In some cases, a roof can cause damage to other parts of your home, which can result in extremely high repair bills. The roof, in addition, aesthetically will bring more life and beauty to your home, primarily if the roof is properly installed with the right roofing system.

typical residential roofHave you ever driven down a street of similar-style homes and noticed how some roofs seem to stand out above the rest. If you look a little closer, you may notice some differences cosmetically, but in most cases, a good, properly installed roof will bring the appearance of that home out above the others.

Too often, we have seen a house devalued because of improper roof installation or the use of inappropriate material for that particular model. One of the finishing touches to your property would be roof covering. There are many ways to cover and seal your roof, including metal roofs, clay tiles, wood shingles, plastic tile, fiberglass shingles, slate and various other types. In helping you make an educated decision, we will cover all of the basic options.

Class IV Impact Resistant

Colorado is prone to large damaging hail. Shingle warranties do not cover hail damage, yet there are roofing products that can withstand the impact of normal hailstorms without being damaged. Ask your Top That Roofing rep for the many options for Class IV shingles and tiles.

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