Warranties & Guarantees

warrantyMainPageTop That Commercial Roofing Inc. issues a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on a roof replacement or roof repair. All warranties and guarantees have details listed on the purchase contracts. Our roofers try hard to clean-up completely, but sometimes a few nails may be missed. If you find materials we have left behind, call us and we will stage another clean-up  at no charge. If you find any installation errors in the first few weeks or anytime in the first five years, we will repair any mistakes due to improper installation.

Top That Commercial Roofing Inc WARRANTS that for a period of 5 years from the date of completion listed, the roof system installation will not leak water through the system due to:

  1. Ordinary wear and tear by the elements, or
  2. Improper workmanship in installation of the Roofing System and that it shall for the WARRANTY PERIOD, repair any such leaks at no expense to the Owner.

Our roofs are backed by warranties that cover both for up to 5 years. All shingles are warranted by the manufacturer for the specific period indicated on the purchase contract. These manufacturer warranties are typically 25 to 50 years. Note that Manufacturer warranties do NOT cover damage from hail.